After 15 years of developing my work and teaching, I have given birth to my own school:

The Temple Body Arts School of Sacred Sensuality and Dance

Temple Body Arts is a practical wisdom path to connect and integrate your body, mind and creative spirit as you cultivate your divine feminine power.

Train in the sacred arts of Tantra yoga, expressive healing arts, dance therapy and ritual arts to awaken your creative power, wisdom and sacred sensuality as a living goddess here to shine your brilliance with the world.

I believe that every person possesses an inner genius— a unique, individual creative spark that just needs to be allowed or inspired to show itself.  Temple Body Arts nurtures this creative spark with the aim to inspire you to live to your fullest creative potential… living your YES.

Become a certified Temple Body Arts facilitator, embodying your creative potential as you learn to guide others through Temple Body Arts.

Cultivate your divine feminine power.

Embody the 4 Goddess Archetypes associated with the divine mother, creativity, and the womb.

Exude feminine confidence.

Tap into your sacred sensuality.

Ignite your creative spirit.

Embody your womb wisdom.

Learn tools to facilitate these practices with others.

Create a life you love.

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