I am proud to present the Temple Body Artist Collective.

The following women are certified Temple Body Artists™.

They have completed the embodied feminine leadership program
and are modern-day priestesses in their own right.

These women embody the essence of the Temple Body Arts Guiding Compass
through their divine offerings and unique gifts.

Explore their offerings and join this
movement of feminine leaders rising.

Meet Our Temple Body Artists

Melissa Robin

Portland, USA

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Melissa Robin Photography

I consider myself a captor of our most precious and fleeting resource – moments.
I first started using a camera to do something I hadn’t yet figured out how to do: express. Myself, my emotions, the world that I saw around me at that moment. With the lens, I learned how to depict with images what I could not describe with words, things that always felt indescribable and yet so substantial and profoundly real.
I’m inspired by the raw essence of human nature and the art of translating it into visual imagery.
Over the years, my style has developed into something more expressive and profound; I aim to capture the heart, soul, and spirit of my subjects. By photographing mostly on location, my subjects are relaxed and comfortable enough to express exactly who they are, heart soul and spirit.
Photography has led me to many incredible and dynamic locations across the planet, places that feel so wildly unfamiliar yet undeniably connected. I believe the elements of these dynamic, unrefined backgrounds allow people to connect in a deeper and more emotional way to my work.
Over the past three years, I’ve also deepened my journey with movement therapy, meditation & coaching. In 2018 I was certified as a Temple Body Arts world ambassador, and continue to work to raise our world’s consciousness of women’s issues by facilitating and documenting women’s circles & retreats. I currently weave my work as a healer & photographer through my signature, personal Therapeutic Goddess Sessions, helping women step into their true essence and be seen in their power.

Gaea Lady

Chicago, USA

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Burlesque Priestess & Kitchen Witch
Divine Bump & Grind With Gaea Lady

Gaea lady is an enchantress by nature, a force that will make you feel the earth move. Fusing her 25 years of dance training in forms from classical to modern – neo-vintage to the ethereal, Gaea cultivates an intentional style that is all her own. Integrating dance, art, visuals, costuming, concept, fire, silk fabrics, temple dance, hoops, and deeply seated intention, her inspiring performances mesmerize and deeply touch. Gaea is the head kitchen witch of Edible Alchemy Foods, creating nourishing experiences that cultivate community. She curates meal plans for retreats, events, and festivals across the United States & at Danyasa in Costa Rica. She seeks to share knowledge and empower others through her performances and teaching, forging connections and igniting inspiration. Co-leading fire dancing retreats in collaboration with Kiki Mason, Gaea seeks to bring light into the world to awaken others to their innate magic. Gaea is ranked internationally as the #35 burlesque performer in 2019 & is an award winner & 5-time invitee of the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s Las Vegas Weekender. She is a certified Temple Body Artist. She graces international stages headlining, featuring, and teaching.

Hannah Blossom

Bochum, Germany

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Creator of Wild Goddess
Hannah Blossom is certified as a Temple Body Artist from the Temple Body Arts School. She is the creative mind and Founder of Wild Goddess – Sisterhood Of The Divine Feminine, a lovingly created Alchemy offering holistic spiritual therapy for body, mind, and soul weaving Wild Goddess Yoga, tantric practices, healing rituals, and herbal skin food practices for the Goddess within. Hannah offers her heart-centered practices through private 1:1 guidance, workshops, and epic wilderness retreats.
Hannah has also devoted the last 18 years to performing and studying the Art of holistic therapeutic skin and spa treatments where she counted guests like Tina Turner and Alanis Morissette to her clientele. The past ten years she leads luxury Hotel SPAs around the world in which she created the most healing SPA concepts.
Hannah has trained with several top yoga instructors to weave in different elements into her yoga creation, called ‘Wild Goddess Yoga’. As a Temple Body Artist, yoga teacher and interdisciplinary spa manager, she is honored to share her collected knowledge and experience as a gift to women who are ready to embrace and awaken their Wild Goddess Within.
In her spare time, she is a traveller, adventuress, home apothecary/kitchen witch, plant whisperer, moon dancer, and a barefoot faery at heart.

Kiki Mason

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

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Temple Body Artist and Embodiment Practitioner
Kiki Mason is the visionary and creator of Sacred Embodied Living, a holistic collective space empowering men and women to embrace their true essence, embody their highest self and live the life of their dreams. As a certified Temple Body Artist, occupational therapist, yoga instructor, reiki master and shaman apprentice, Kiki infuses mind-body-spirit offerings for groups or individuals desiring to live an abundantly joyful and sacred life. With over 15 years in clinical therapeutic & bodywork, alongside her extensive intuitive movement and flow-based practices, Kiki’s uniquely playful and grounded style creates sacred space for clients to explore how to live life as a ceremony, guided by their own innate wisdom.
Kiki uses embodiment rituals and nature-based teachings, with fire ritual and dance as the foundation of her medicinal offerings. As a master fire artist, Kiki has over 10 years of fire and fire-dancing experience has trained with several top instructors and has guided numerous humans in using fire as a tool for personal transformation. For over five years, she has co-lead and hosted highly regarded fire and flow wellness retreats in the Virgin Islands.
Kiki is the co-owner of Villa Larimar, a healing retreat and wellness center on the beautiful island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands and is also co-founder, lead dancer, and instructor for Phoenix Fire Collective, a group of fire and performance artists using fire as a sacred and spiritual practice. Kiki offers online courses and in-person workshops and retreats in the US. Virgin Islands, Costa Rica and around the world.
When she is not running transformational fire goddess workshops or co-creating embodiment flow retreats, you might find her meditating on a mermaid rock, fire-dancing under a full moon at sunrise or soaking up the good vibes in the Caribbean Ocean.

Nicole Pemberton

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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The Goddess Moves

Nicole is a passionate dance artist, mentor, choreographer, health coach, entrepreneur, and educator who has performed professionally nationally in Canada, New York, and Trinidad and Tobago. She has taught over 100,000 + kids and adults and counting. Over the last 20 years, She has trained and performed with various respected artists and choreographers in Canada and internationally. Her formal education included obtaining a diploma and a BA of Arts specializing in dance, choreography, and performance. Nicole has presented her own choreography and spoken word works on stage. Always learning she has also completed her Reiki 1 & 2 certification, Crystal healing certification, Health coach certification with IIN and a Certified Temple Body Artist from the Temple Body Arts School. Nicole is driven to share her knowledge and wisdom with others and disrupt generational patterns to reclaim power and rewrite stories. She weaves movement alchemy, embodiment and fusing ancestral practices within our modern society. This became the catalyst in creating The Goddess Moves. Through her business, Nicole teaches live workshops, retreats and one on one sessions to support women through womb work and dance expression.

Dr. Marie Mbouni

Los Angeles, USA

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Founder of Heart Leadership and Conscious Creativity Method ®

Marie, founder of Heart Leadership and Conscious Creativity Method ® is a leading expert on helping high-performing leaders get reconnected and centered in order to achieve unprecedented levels of performance, alignment and joy, offering in-depth guidance and immersions on-line and in person.
A bestselling author, healer and speaker, Marie’s coaching is sought after by top entrepreneurs across the world. Marie’s work is a reflection of her unique background in both Western and Eastern medicine, with 17 years’ experience as an MD in Anesthesiology and a Masters in Public Health, and
as a lifelong Intuitive and channel, her Eastern roots include robust work in Energy and Shamanic healing, as well as certifications in Temple Body Arts with Sofiah Thom, Creativity, Sound and Yoga to provide a holistic container and experience.
Marie’s insights have been featured in major media like CBS and Fox. Marie is committed to getting her message of love and reconnection with as many people as possible.
A philanthropist, Marie is passionate about giving back and helping the world evolve into a better place. Marie is an active donor and volunteer for Girl Power Project®, a transformational program that empowers adolescent girls in Uganda, as well as the Pachamama Alliance.

Natalia Chaparro

Bogotá, Columbia

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Founder of Mujer Salvaje Y Libre (Wild & Free Woman)

Natalia Chaparro is a holistic nutrition coach, certified Temple Body Artist, and mother of two. Integrating tantra yoga, ancestral medicine, nutrition, and endocrinology to support women in finding balance and freedom.
Natalia stands for women remembering their innate wisdom. She is committed to guiding women to trust and honor their instinctual selves so that they can have a healthy, juicy, and empowered body and life experience.
Natalia has been studying yoga for 20 years. For the past 8 years, she devoted herself to research endocrinology and nutrition to recover her health and fertility. Natalia is a feminine leader in her local community guiding women circles, yoga and dance rituals, to support women with endocrine disorders.
Through working with Sofiah Thom and the Temple Body Arts School, Natalia birthed her 9-month rebirthing program for women: Mujer Salvaje Y Libre, which sold out five months before the start date.

Cornelia Aurelia

Vienna, Austria

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Founder of the Sacred Self Love Sisterhood and Fall in Love with Yourself Group Journey
Cornelia Aurelia is a certified Temple Body Artist and Embodied Feminine Leader from the Temple Body Arts School of Sacred Sensuality and Dance, living and creating magic from her home in Vienna.
She is the founder of the Sacred Self Love Sisterhood and her online Fall in Love With Yourself Group Journey. Cornelia is a passionate Self Love Mentor and creative Temple Body Artist Muse. 
She lovingly creates all her offerings for woman around the world to experience true self love and empowerment in all aspects of life. 
Her mission is to support the rise of the divine feminine and the healing of our mother earth through guiding women on the journey of falling in love with themselves and stepping into their power. 
She believes that every woman has access to her soul’s whispers through learning to listen to their Temple Body. 
Cornelia is on her Path of Awakening since December 2012. During these seven years she has gathered a lot of wisdom from different schools and teachers. She has travelled the world, expanding her consciousness for a wide variety of opinions, cultures and mindsets. 
All these experiences have brought her back to herself and her inner realms. She has found a deep sense of belonging from turning inward and facing her deepest fears, darkest shadow parts and most intense longings. 
Her Temple Body and her daily life have become her greatest teachers. Her soul’s guidance supports her to bring through all these gems for her divine soulmate clients. 
She deeply believes and trusts that the new paradigm is about to come and starts within each and everyone of us. This new world lives through co-operation, love, trust and support in sisterhood.
In her free time Cornelia loves to practice yoga, meditate, spend time in the beautiful nature of Austria or dance and sing with her community in Vienna. 

Sophia Faria

Victoria, British Columbia 

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Temple Body Artist and Sexuality & Relationship Coach

Sophia invites you to live in pleasure. With a background in Somatic Sex Education, she offers a science-based & trauma-informed approach, grounding her work in sacred sexuality and sovereignty. Based on Vancouver Island, Sophia works with individuals, couples, groups – locally & internationally. 

Weaving in the feminine mysteries, Sophia has studied and worked in close collaboration with Sofiah Thom since 2017. She is a copywriter, editor, and midwife for the Temple Body Arts School. She is also a Co-Lead Yoga Teacher Trainer for the Danyasa Yoga Arts 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training: Journey Into the Feminine Mysteries.

With over five years of experience teaching, Sophia offers retreats, workshops, courses, 1:1 work to inspire awakened sex & vision. Her work nourishes connection, play, and creative sexual expression. Areas she supports include sexual empowerment, erotic embodiment, rewilding, pleasure, well-being, choice & voice, communication, boundaries, identity, LGBTQ+, desires, shame, trauma history, and challenges to sex, intimacy & relationships.

Along with her coaching practice, Sophia offers mentorship and practical implementation to embodied leaders in the field who are ready to birth and share their gifts with the world. Her specialties include content creation, course development, enhancing facilitation skills, workshop & retreat design, copywriting, and copyediting.
Sophia believes we are here to live artfully, feeling fully supported & expressed in our unique journeys!

Let us awaken and serve humanity together.
We cannot do this alone.

i’d love to connect with you.

If you’d like to Become a certified Temple Body Artist™
You can complete the Embodied Feminine Leadership Program from Temple Body Arts.

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