Welcome, Radiant Sister!

I created this sisterhood for women to CELEBRATE their feminine power, learn true self-leadership, and grow into the most radiant versions of ourselves. I hope you will join us on the journey….

xx Sofiah 



What if you take it?

What if you decided today to… 

Put your self, your fulfillment, pleasure, and happiness FIRST?

Celebrate yourself as the woman and leader that you are?

Embrace the love and support of other like-minded women?

Sister, we are here right now, 

with a community of over 200 women waiting to welcome you to the path of your most radiant life!

We’re told: “good women put themselves last…”

That’s the problem.

We’ve all heard it in some variation. That to be “good”, you have to put your needs, desires, dreams, and LIFE aside for others.
So many of us go through our days without taking a second to think, “What do I want? What do I need right now?”

Sister, you ARE A LEADER. Whatever roles you hold in your life, in every moment you have the ability and permission to take a stand for yourself, and model the way of true feminine power to others.

We are here in this Sisterhood to participate in a different story, one that says:

Take a peek behind the scenes…

What’s included:

New Courses Every Month— Each month, you’ll get access to a new guided course on themes like PROSPERITY, FEMININE LEADERSHIP, DIVINE PURPOSE, LIVING ARTFULLY, and more! ($96 value)

6+ Lessons In Every Course— Including Embodiment Dance Videos, Guided Meditations, Music Playlists, Journals, and Audio Transmissions ($210+ value)

Monthly 5-Day Dance Challenges— To help you embody your unique expression and practice sharing it in a safe space with other sisters! Held in our Private Social Group (priceless)

Bonus Workshops w/ Guest Experts— Expand your circle and hear from other amazing experts connected to Temple Body Arts in areas like Dance, Tantra, Holistic Health, Shamanic Healing, Creative Expression and more! ($88+ value)

Monthly Live Call & Sister Circles Led By Me— With 15-Minute Signature Temple Body Arts Experience followed by Discussion, Q&A, Breakouts, and Live Coaching ($106 value)

 2 Rituals/Month, For Every New & Full Moon— Aligned with the Month’s Course to support you creating practices for yourself to anchor into the cycles of life ($45 value)

Private Social Group With Direct Access—          To connect, share, and get your questions answered by Sofiah and your Like-Minded Soul-Sisters… a Safe Space to belong and show up Exactly As You Are! (priceless)

Special Member-Only Bonuses—                 Gifts, Discounts, Special Member-Only Calls, and First Access new Temple Body Arts offerings and more! 


  In the spirit of prosperity, you can get all of this and more, for a fraction of the price!



Learn ways to stop the limiting self-talk and give yourself the love you desire! Lessons include:

Intro to Self-Love: Embodiment Dance Video

Clear Your Blocks: Full Moon Ritual

Exploring Forgiveness: Audio Meditation

Creating Self-Care Habits: Live Video

…and more!


Find support, through all life’s twists and turns, to help you focus on life’s blessings and see through the lens of gratitude. Lessons include:

Intro to Gratitude: Embodiment Dance Video

Seeing through the Lens of Gratitude: Meditation & Workshop

Gratitude Ritual Drum & Dance w/ Guest Marie Mbouni

Find Your Creative Expression: New Moon Ritual

…and more!



Connect to your Inner Knowing and sharpen your ability to make soul-guided decisions. Lessons include:

Intro to Discernment: Embodiment Dance Video

Protected by Your Power: Singing Bowl Meditation

Creating Structures that WORK: Schedule Building Practice 

The Sword of Discernment: Guided Meditation

…and more!


Find your unique pathway to pleasure in your life and relationships by being more present and connected to your senses. Lessons include:

Self-Guided Pleasure: Music Playlist & Ritual

Intro to Pleasure: Embodiment Dance Video

Open Yourself to Receive: New Moon Ritual

Anchoring into Pleasure: Meditation

…and more!

january course theme:


register now to receive prep materials & access! 


Now more than ever, we feel the bonds of sisterhood that extend beyond oceans and borders…

This sisterhood is a place to SHOW UP AS YOU ARE.

To be SEEN & WITNESSED on your journey toward your most radiant self.

We are here to reclaim our Temple Bodies, our Unique Gifts,

and connect to our Soul’s Divine Purpose 



Over $500 worth of content every month…

 Monthly Rate: $96/monthly

3-Month Rate:  $222/quarterlynearly 25% savings!


A portion of every payment goes to supporting the Loveland Foundation– a non-profit started by Rachel Cargle committed to showing up for women of color in unique and powerful ways by providing resources for more opportunity, access, validation, and healing.


learn more about the Loveland Foundation here: 


Let us awaken our feminine power and fall in love with our most radiant selves as we support the rise of the divine feminine...

We are in this TOGETHER. 

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