Phoenix Na Gig

Living between the wilds of Dartmoor, England, and Ibiza, Spain, Phoenix Na Gig is The Womb Whisperer. Offering women the chance to experience a drop into the oceanic mystery of womb wisdom, womb magic and medicine. With a deep connection to womb, earth intelligence, elementals and ancestors, Phoenix holds one-to-one Womb Whispering Ceremonies – transmissions of a woman’s deepest sacred womb wisdom guidance and remembrance of their erotic, juicy, interconnectedness with all of life.

Phoenix Na Gig is on her academic masters research journey towards a PhD thesis in the Anthropology of Menstruation as Sacred, Ritual and Divine Experience for Women. She is nourished by the hundreds of women she connects with worldwide through the belly of Mother Earth bringing through a sacred vision of earth, women and our humanity.

What Temple Body Arts means for Phoenix

Temple Body Arts brings all of the feminine wisdom in our body and soul to give birth to our physical power and beauty here on earth. The integration of these divine dance practices can support us with our full embodiment and full awakening of our pleasure, where we can reclaim our bodies as temples once again.

“I have fallen in love with all the dance practices Sofiah offers through her powerfully physical Temple Body Arts programme. With the beautiful depth of her gentle and wise presence. Sofiah is a woman on fire in our times with her offering to the world and I recommend her and her work with all my heart, in her grace and softness she walks with lioness paws.” – Phoenix Na Gig

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