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Sweet Goddesses!
It was an incredible weekend in Ojai for the 2nd Magnetic Goddess Immersion!
I am so filled up and feeling so grateFULL for this amazing group of women who said YES-
some coming from all the way across the country to join us!

We were all specially touched by our ‘Live Your YES’ Contest winner Cora who, at age 18, holds the wisdom to fully claim her path of Healing Arts and Sisterhood!
Cora is rooted in her ability to fearlessly follow her Yes…
For a moment she didn’t think she could come, but she created the opportunity.
She has overcome her own hardships,
and is truly stepping into her Goddess Wisdom, reflected inside and out!
Cora, you were an inspiration to all of us in Ojai!

Every time I gather in sisterhood,
my dharma feels even more deeply etched into the fabric of my being.  

This dharma is the path of the hero’s journey,
a journey into the mystery,
into a deeper place of trust and surrender,
into the remembrance of who we all truly are,
as embodied feminine leaders.

There are initiations along the way,
testing you, 
waking you up to your true nature,
and helping you to step more fully
into the free and fully expressed Goddess you were born to be.

When you hear the call to join, 
say YES to yourself and your gifts,
listen deeply and respond
in your own unique way.

For when you respond and follow the call,
divine creative spirit will celebrate your choice,
showering you with affirmation and opening golden doors.

We truly experienced all of this divine alignment in the flesh this past weekend.
I bow to all of you women,
to this work,
to my path,
to our sisterhood of YES…
We are a living prayer of gratitude.

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