Greetings from Northern California!
I am plugging back in after an incredibly rich experience
at Spirit Weavers Gathering in Mendocino, California.

Five hundred beautiful and wise women
gathered together.
Remembering the sacred,
as we weaved our heart songs together.

This Gathering is a strong place of intention
for our Divine Feminine Community.

Sitting with the ancient redwoods during a Flower Essence workshop with Ameya.
A Mandala from the Spirit Weavers Gathering.

Sisterhood and community is vital,
we need the mirror,
the inspiration,
the remembrance,
the support,
and the love.

Think about the sisters in your life
who inspire you and lift you up!
Take a moment to reach out to three of them now!
Carve out time to nurture your sister-friend relationships.

Right now I am spending some sweet time with my sister
and artist friend
Sonia Lub.
Sonia has always been such a powerful mirror for me, 
and a great support in many ways.

Let us continue to raise each other up in the Sisterhood of YES!

Blessings sisters,
xo Sofiah

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