Blessings on this potent day 11.11.

For as long as I can remember I have loved seeing 1111. This number represents a portal opening, and today happens to also be the New Moon.

During this new moon time I recommend coming together with like minded supportive friends as you plant your dreams seeds of what you desire as you align your intentions, thoughts and actions with what you are saying YES to on the highest level.

Intention and connection hold the key for creating the beautiful life you desire.

Once I felt my dreams were far far away from my reach.  I really didn’t know how I would ever make it to where I am today…  to have my own retreat center, amazing husband and extended tribe across the world!

I have not always lived such beautiful and abundant life.

I remember times when I was in such a dark place that I didn’t know what I wanted let alone how I was going to get there.

I went through very hard times after my whole life seemed stripped away from me from an intense neck injury.  I remember feeling so lost and disconnected from community or any tribe.

Just 10 years ago I was trying to get back on my feet, and it’s intense to look back and feel the journey I have been on.

And today I am now part of a thriving global community that just keeps growing and growing, and I feel so honored and inspired by all the incredible authors, artists, musicians, visionaries, entrepreneurs, forward thinkers and creators who I am blessed to co-create with and call my friends.

I thank my inner compass for guiding me home to myself and to my tribe!

We all play an important role in weaving this beautiful tapestry we call life, and the shadows and cobwebs are just as important as the light and sunshine.  We need each other in order to move through all of life and come into our fullest potentials.

The more I have reached out in community, and in particular sisterhood, the more I find my wings of love expanding into new and exciting places!


Today I want to share something very special with you on this potent day – I just received this gift from a visionary artist that many of you may know about!

This gift feels like the culmination of many years of trials and struggle and growth that have turned into blessings and rewards…

Android Jones just finished a portrait of me!

Here is a behind the scenes shot at Danyasa Eco-Retreat.

I have witnessed Android Jones grow from painting faces at festivals to becoming a world renown artist, mapping his digital art on the Sydney Opera house and traveling all over the world to teach and share his talent and art.  I am so proud of him and honored to share this piece by him with you all.

Android has brought my vision and the symbology I teach in my work to life in this piece of art.

This portrait is a mirror for you and for me reflecting our Goddess Avatar

It represents the Temple Body Priestess with wings of love and the multi-dimensional levels we live and co-create within.

There lies an intricate inner landscape beneath the surface of our bodies.

May the seed I am planting as I birth this portrait out into the world grow into a guide for all who are ready to journey with me, to discover your deep Goddess Wisdom living within you… to discover your inner compass and to Live your YES!

Are you ready to wake up in your body and claim your innate power and potential?

Are you ready to access your creative power and create the shift needed to walk your fully empowered path of liberation?

Do you want to feel the support of a sisterhood dedicated to growth and healing?

Would you like to taste your infinite potential and your creative sexual power?


If you answered YES then you are ready to Live Your YES,
and I invite you to join me this Friday the 13th
for a special Magnetic Goddess Webinar in the name of Kali Ma.

Join me in the temple with Kali to release what no longer serves as you plant your dream seeds and harness your creative power and potential in sisterhood.

I will be sharing about my upcoming

6 Week Temple Body Initiation to Awaken Your Inner Goddess

This Live Online Course only has 15 spaces left and begins January 5th.

If you feel the desire to journey with me, I recommend claiming your seat in the circle.

This webinar will be recorded for those unable to be there live with us.

In order to create we must be willing to let go – to let go of old identities and masks that no longer serve us and to set ourselves free.

In order to liberate ourselves and live a life we love, we must be willing to enter the mystery and embrace and love all parts of our selves

We hold infinite potential within our Temple Body, we must only get out of our own way to realize the power of creation living within.

I look forward to connecting sister.

Sign up to join me live or for the replay

With love,


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