sofiah on the beach in front of driftwood tree

For over 10 years,
Lightning in a Bottle has been a transformational gathering
whose influence reaches out into our community and world.

Despite the now large crowd,
The Do Lab creates intimate, magical space.
Everyone can take away something special,
and connect with new friends and old.

I was honored to be sharing there for my 8th year,
performing on stage with Random Rab and offering my own solo art.
It was a blessing to share with Rab and Ilya of Emancipator in front of over 20,000 people.


Click to watch a video montage of my Temple of YES performance edited
with Random Rab, Ilya Yacobson and I performing Sunday night at LIB.
Gratitude to the designers who created my Temple of YES performance wardrobe:
Gold Nymph Harness by Jillian Ann of Ritual
Diamond Top by Kayo Anime Clothing
Gold Brush Stroke Pants by Phoenix Rising/Melodia
Sofiah Crown by Aya Papaya (Receive 5% off with the code Sofiah)

Using movement, dance, meditation, intention, and music,
my ‘Temple of YES’ interactive ritual performance
gave me the chance to engage and share my medicine in a new, experimental format.
The Temple of Consciousness witnessed a deep journey into the vibration of YES!
My friend, Daniel Garcia of Mashimon
played his original music live.

My intention at LIB this year
was to slow down,
practice the power of discernment
and connect with my sisters there,
take care of my Self,
and experience the Magic of this gathering.
I feel fully inspired by the artists, music, co-creation…

May we all take this inspiration home
Living Artfully,
creating our Dream Life.

xo Sofiah

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