Jenna La Flamme

I am a sex and body confidence expert, author and coach. I’m also a temple dancer, musician, and space holder for ceremonies. I help women who struggle to have orgasms to have them, and women who want to have more and better orgasms, to expand into their full sexual orgasmic potential for hair-raising, soul-stirring orgasms.

Like most women, I was raised with a lot of sexual shame and shutdown. It took me years of personal growth to heal and shed layers of trauma and conditioning, to reach the level I’m at now, but I made it which is why I know that if you want it, it’s possible for you too.

I work with women all over the world, through coaching, online programs, workshops and live events. My unique approach has featured in Elle, Glamour, Prevention, Huffington Post, ABC, NBC, and PBS.

What Temple Body Arts means for Jena

To me, Temple Body Arts means embracing my body as a literal temple of the divine. Contrary to messages that the body is dirty or less valuable or pure than the mind or spirit, Temple Body Arts are a reclamation of the sacredness of our flesh and bone. Our bodies are exquisite creatures that keep us alive and allow us to participate in the divine play of Life. Our breath, our movement, our sensuality, and our sexuality, are among the arts that keep the Temple at its best.

My unique expression of Temple Body Arts currently includes Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Brazilian Zouk Partner Dance, Tantric Practice solo and with my partner, gardening, bird-watching, pleasurable eating, and as much sensuality as possible.

Sofiah has been my inspiration since the moment I encountered her teachings. She is so fully alive and awake in her body, with such immense range and power available to her, and she shares it so generously. Through her dance, her yoga, her adornment, her melodic voice and more, Sofiah is capable of connecting anyone more deeply with their body and the magic within. Sofiah’s teachings are rare gems that every woman can benefit from.” – Jena La Flamme

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