Happy Solstice time sisters,

I hope you have been able to carve out time
to be outside in nature absorbing the light
and power of these long days of sun into every cell of your being.

The longest day of the year presents
the perfect reminder for us to celebrate
the light within us
and to remember to align our actions
with our highest desires.

It is time to say YES to yourSELF

I am personally listening to my desire to land,  be ‘still’, settle and create,
after three months of traveling non-stop,
I am landing for a month in Topanga Canyon.

I lived in Venice, Los Angeles ten years ago.
It’s amazing to return here as the woman I am now,
for as we change and grow within ourselves,
the world around us also changes.

The frequency we align to, tunes our outer world with our inner experience.

One lesson I have learned over the years
is that in order to truly allow the fruits of our work to grow and blossom
we must be ‘still’ and extend our bamboo roots into the fertile soil.

And so, I offer you this self inquiry:

How do you carve out time
to say YES to yourself?
to nurture both your masculine and feminine qualities?

We all need stillness, focus and reflection time
in order to take action and direct the shakti (creative feminine force)
consciously on the path we desire.
Through sacred stillness connect to your highest YES
of what you want to align with, 
and then through your sacred feminine energy weave your magic,
shine your light,
co-create with the people who lift you up,
see your power
and inspire you!

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