Temple Body Artist Certification Program

I am calling YOU to join this circle of FEMININE LEADERS…

remembering how to live as modern-day priestesses
birthing a new paradigm through the power of our wombs.


Are you ready

to embody your message & claim your divine power as you birth your unique gifts into the world?

Become a certified Temple Body Artist™  from The Temple Body Arts School of Sacred Sensuality and Dance.

You must attend the INITIATION Live Training in Costa Rica as well as complete the AWAKENING Online Global Mentorship to be certified as a Temple Body Artist.

The AWAKENING Global Mentorship is available independently if attending the Live Training is not possible for you.

Temple Body Artist Certification 2019

9 month program


January- October 2019

Trimester 1: Rooting Your Temple body

January 9th 2019 – March 1st 2019

Experience your body rooted and flexible with your creative juices flowing!

This trimester contains weekly live videos calls, guided movement journeys, and foundational practices for connecting with your Temple Body.


Trimester 2: Awakening the Goddess

April 3rd 2019  – May 29th 2019

Learn to harness and embody seven different Goddess archetypes living within you.

This trimester contains weekly live videos calls, meditations and daily practices to awaken the different energies of your inner goddess.

Temple Body INITIATION: Live Training

June 15-26 2019 at Danyasa, Costa Rica

Reconnect to your divine feminine nature in paradise!

Come gather to embody all we have learned as move through this powerful rite of passage. Shed your skin and return home anew.


Trimester 3: Birthing Sexual Sovereignty

July 31st 2019 – October 9th 2019
Lead from a place of empowered pleasure and share your unique gifts into the world.

This trimester contains weekly live video calls and Sofiah weaves in archetypal transmissions from Phoenix Na Gig the Womb Whisperer.


Upon completion of this program…

you will receive a Certificate as a Registered Temple Body Artist

with 150 hours of training, and you will be able to weave this work into your own practices and offerings. 

If you are a Registered Teacher with the Yoga Alliance, you will be also be able to count these hours towards your Continuing Education Credit.

Let us awaken and serve humanity together.

We cannot do this alone.

Registration closes December 13, 2018.


Let’s rise together. I’d love to connect with you. 

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