Do you feel a stirring in your soul?

Do you sense a rising of something mysterious and divine aching to be fully expressed in the world?

Do you desire to be more fully embodied and alive in your sacred sexuality?

Are you ready to birth the most radiant expression of yourself, and support other women in awakening to their divine essence?


Together we will birth a new paradigm rooted in love and guided by grace.

I am here to guide you in saying YES to the path of remembering.

Allow me to midwife your ecstatic embodiment into being.

Join me for this Global Online Mentorship

* All women are welcome to join the Global Mentorship.  Attending BOTH the Global Mentorship and Live Training is required to become a Certified Temple Body Arts Guide.

My Story  

I’d like to share my personal story with you…

For as long as I have walked, I have danced, and when in my twenties I graduated as an interdisciplinary artist from Naropa University in Dance Therapy and Performing arts. I then went on to study Expressive Healing Arts and a myriad of modalities of Bodywork, Tantra Yoga and Dance, giving me a rich understanding of the interconnection of the body, mind and creative spirit.

When I was 28, living and working in Los Angeles, I suffered an accident that injured my neck, leaving me unable to move or dance.  The carpet was pulled out from underneath me, and I had to re-create myself.  Through this deep inward journey and the dark night of the soul, I discovered resources which have now become the foundation of my Temple Body Arts practices and philosophy.  

Shortly after, I met my husband and moved to Costa Rica to co-create Danyasa Eco-Retreat and then Envision Festival, both which have become world renown platforms for transformation in their own right.

For the past 15 years, I have been teaching women to connect with their bodies, divinity and the Goddess within, through dance, tantra yoga and expressive healing arts.  I co-authored the book, The Path of the Priestess: Discover Your Divine Purpose.

For the past five years, I have wanted to conceive and start a family but had trouble getting pregnant. Then, In the past year, I experienced two miscarriages that brought me deeper onto my path of womb wisdom and sexual sovereignty.  I have gone deeper into the relationship with my womb and the wisdom held within, learning to trust the wisdom and surrender to the divine mystery and my deeper purpose more every day.

These experiences have guided me to truly Live my YES and birth The Temple Body Arts School of Sacred Sensuality and Dance.  This year marks the true inception of the school with my first Temple Body Arts Guide Certification Training and Global Mentorship.

I am in service to guiding women in birthing themselves into their power and divine feminine essence, as we prepare to birth a new paradigm, one rooted in love and guided by grace.

Will you join me?

Whether you choose to do all three Trimesters over 9 months, or just one 7 week journey, I will guide you through sacred movement, empowering visualizations, affirmation mantras, and other practices to weave into your everyday life and support you in showing up with more self-love, grace and presence. We will meet in sisterhood every week and stay connected throughout this transformational and empowering journey.

Learn practical tools to heal as you embody self-love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, inner strength and prosperity

Exude true feminine confidence and leave the playing small story behind.

Open your sexual creative channel and reclaim your sexual sovereignty.

Become a magnetic Goddess attracting all that you are calling in to your life

Come into your full gifts and then offer them to the world

Activate the different faces of the Goddess within you

Develop your discernment to navigate through life with more ease and grace

Unlock your inner Temple Dancer and deepen your connection with the divine mystery.

Discover and refine your unique gifts and let Sofiah guide you in the necessary steps to sharing your brilliance with the world

Feel at home in your body and sexuality

Here is what you will learn:

Awakening the Goddess

(March 9th 2018  – April 27th 2018) 

Learn to harness and embody seven different Goddess archetypes living within you

Compassion, Self-Love and the Goddess Quan Yin

Abundance and the Goddess Lakshmi

Discernment, Inner Protection, and the Goddess Durga

Ritual, Inner Revolution, and the Goddess Kali

Sacred Sexuality and the Goddess Lalita

Being a Channel for Creative Spirit and the Goddess Saraswati

Access infinite potentiality and the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari

We will meet in Sisterhood, every Friday at 1 pm Pacific Time LIVE on the following dates:

March 9 | March 16 |March 23 | March 30 | April 6 | April 13 | April 20 | April 27

Birthing Sexual Sovereignty

(September 21st  2018 – November 9nd 2018)

  Share your Unique Expression in your Life and World

Reclaim your Sexual Sovereignty

Womb Wisdom and Sexual Womb Healing

Giving Voice and Expression to your Yoni and Womb

Jade Egg Arts

Orgasmic Pleasure Practices

Archetypal Cycles of Menstruation

MoonTime Practices and Rituals

Sexual Energy and Healing Relationships

Create your own Practice as a Movement Ritual

Share your Unique Expression in your Life and World

We will meet in Sisterhood, every Friday at 1 pm Pacific Time LIVE on the following dates:

Sept 21 | Sept 28 | Oct 5 | Oct 12 | Oct 19 | Oct 26 | Nov 2 | Nov 9

Rooting Your Temple Body

(December 7th 2018 – January 25th 2019)

Experience your body rooted and flexible with your sexual creative juices flowing

 Create Sacred Space, Altars, Temple Time 

Connect to Community and Sisterhood

Journey with the Sacred Jade Egg

Explore Creativity and Expressive Arts

Access your Warrior Goddess while still moving with ease and grace

Align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your highest desire

Dance your dreams across the canvas of your days

We will meet in Sisterhood, every Friday at 1 pm Pacific Time LIVE on the following dates:

Dec 7 | Dec 14 | Dec 21 | Dec Break – Dec 28 | Jan 4 | Jan 11 | Jan 18 | Jan 25

Sisters who have already completed one of my online courses get to go even deeper with this extended mentorship. Very few have done it live.

Are you ready to birth your most radiant self?


Weekly Live Video Call with Sofiah (Opportunity for Q & A) + Recording of Each Session

Creative Workbook and Home-Play Practices 

Certification from Temple Body Arts School (Hours depend on Trimester Participation)

Weekly Video Modules inside the online Portal of Sofiah guiding you through the practices (Lifetime Access)

Online Access to our Exclusive Global Mentorship Sisterhood Live Chat Forum

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours for those registered with YA.

Weekly LIVE Video Calls with Sofiah Thom

Sofiah will be teaching each of the sessions, taking you step-by-step through the three trimesters of Temple Body Arts. Through these course sessions, you’ll come to discover the practices and tools that will help you to create a deeper more loving relationship with yourself.  Actively rewrite your story with love and compassion as you harness your innate power and wisdom and say YES to pleasure. These weekly calls will be available to download and listen to again and again, giving you an opportunity to engage with the material fully for deeper learning and understanding.

There will be an opportunity to engage live and ask questions. And if you miss it, the recording will be available after the call.

Video Modules of Sofiah guiding you through the practices

Sofiah has created short 15-40 minute videos in which she guides you through the key practices and pillars of Temple Body Arts. These lessons offer you a simple map with clear guidance, carrying a transmission of the Feminine energy that flows through women’s bodies. In watching the videos, you will receive and witness how divine creative energy moves through Sofiah’s body and what is possible in your own Temple Body through practice.

Creative Workbook and Home-Play Practices 

You will have access to written materials and a downloadable creative workbook relevant to each module. This will include journaling and reflection practices and ways to bring these teachings into your everyday life. The power of your learning will be integrated even more deeply as you dive into the assigned practices for each week and will support you in navigating your journey through the mentorship. You are invited to post your responses and share with your sisterhood in our online forum.

Online Access to our Exclusive Global Mentorship Sisterhood

Engage online with the Global Mentorship Sisterhood in a private and supportive Facebook group. As you move through the mentorship you will be able to gather and connect with other sisters online to share your breakthroughs and insights whilst supporting each other in deepening into the principles and teachings. Through this collective connection, you will experience the power that comes through transformative work in sisterhood.

Early Bird Mentorship Bonus Materials

For those who sign up before November 1st for The Full Global Mentorship Journey and desire to become a Temple Body
Arts Guide, you will also receive:

Access to all 25 Conversations with the Goddess from International Temple Body Arts Day 

Temple Body Arts Guided Shamanic Journey

Inner Diamond Meditation

PDF of Sofiah’s Chapter in The Path of the Priestess Book

Goddess Yoga Arts Gathering + Training Discounts/Offerings  

BONUS Module: Offering your gifts to the World


Each Trimester $797

All Three Trimesters Together $1990 (Savings of $401)

Payment Plans Available

Discount for those that have already signed up for either of my online courses

Sign up before November 1 to receive Early Bird gifts and bonuses

In order to be fully certified as a Temple Body Arts Guide,

you need to attend both the full Global Mentorship and live training in Costa Rica

(June 1st- 12th, 2018)

Discounted price of mentorship for those that have already participated in the Live

Training and Online Courses

Wherever you are on the path of awakening, I can meet you!

I met Sofiah at a period in my life where I felt completely overwhelmed. My job as an anesthesiologist is very intense, and I was being called to step more fully into my spiritual path. Working with Sofiah was incredibly empowering. She was completely present and supportive in the process of birthing my spiritual offerings and brand. Sofiah’s passion and extensive skills allowed me to draw from her strength and safely open up to my surrender and my vulnerability.

Sofiah is a fully embodied Goddess, I love that her practices are in deep compassion, authenticity and non judgment. She makes it her business to truly listen, see and understand her clients. Often times, I could not clearly articulate what it was I needed and she was able to... She's an amazing intuitive and consistently anticipates and exceeds my expectations of what I want and need, always with transformative success.

Sofiah is a true visionary, a dancer of LIGHT, I love her energy, being in her presence always inspires me to do and be my best. I highly recommend Sofiah... in fact after months of working together, I still seek her guidance when I find myself struggling with a specific challenge, or just for a taste of pure love and joy.

Marie Mbouni

Full Spectrum Healing Artist and Shamanic Coach

Sofiah Thom is an embodied Goddess exuding grace and beauty in all she does. Witnessing her dance is like watching the divine in motion.  Hearing her speak is like listening to wisdom purring.  Sofiah's presence is a blessing in these transformational times.

Laura Hollick

Creator of Soul Art, Soul Artist

Sofiah helped me step back into my body, embrace my inner warrior goddess and express myself through dance. She gave me permission to explore my inner landscape, unleash the tiger inside through the Temple Body Arts practices.  Her genuine and humble spirit will inspire you to live your YES, chase your dreams and move your body like you never moved before. There’s not a day that goes by that her teachings and beautiful spirit doesn’t come to me.  Sofiah has inspired me always to listen to my inner voice and move everyday someway, somehow.  Be prepared to change your life and explore a side of yourself that you have been waiting to meet.

Blakely Stein

Retreat owner, chef and mother

Sofiah Thom is a call to action for the divine feminine within each of us.

Her students receive rare and special support in awakening their own inner goddess, in a heart-blossoming and authentic way. Her skills in creative arts and dance add a unique flair to her coaching, classes and trainings.

Each student will walk away with an opportunity to say 'yes' to their full self-revealed, and experience what it's like to embrace an even deeper truth than they knew they possessed.

I had no idea where to look for mentors or ways to show me how to unlock my power. When I met Sofiah, something clicked. I instantly joined her first training and went to every class I could. Her teaching did something one-of-a-kind. It gave me permission: To move the way I move, to find the power and innocence in my sensuality. To be a protectress as well as to embrace my inner life; to be a queen of my own domain.

In Sofiah's classes, I found my path. She is a modern day sage of embodied wisdom. Sofiah provides a blueprint for women to get into their own bodies, and move from their innate intuition. In her very essence lies the juiciness of self-realization which she facilitates for others.

Heather Christie

Singer, Songwriter

Sofiah gave me full permission to open up to all my feminine power. She helped me embody the strength to be soft and strong and know that there's power in them both. Sofiah helped me get clear on my dance method with her passion for her body and love for her students. She taught me how to be sexy, confident and hold space in a room for anything that arises.

I appreciate that Sofiah is an embodied woman. She is SO HER! And when someone is so confident with who they are, it's medicine. If you want to learn and be inspired by a solid movement goddess, you go to Sofiah. I believe Sofiahs work is great for anyone who wants to …step into a new form of reality. You will have a magical experience no matter what direction you choose.

Elana Meta Jaroff

Creator of The Meta Method

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Global Mentorship cover the same material from Sofiah’s online courses? What if I have already participated in The Roots of Temple Body Arts and/or Temple Body Awakening?

Yes, the first two trimesters do cover the material from the two online courses and more! There are additional modules and new practices woven into both The Roots and Temple Body Awakening. This will include Jade egg practices to work with different intentions and goddesses. Exclusive to the live training.

Whether you have done the online course self-paced or guided by Sofiah, this live opportunity with new Temple Body Arts practices of healing, releasing and offering up whatever wants to be transmuted as you deepen in sexual healing and awakening. Additionally, as a Sisterhood Alumni, the price you have already paid for the online course will be discounted from the global mentorship cost, depending if you’ve taken the Roots and/or Temple Body Awakening and if you are eligible for the early bird price.

I feel overwhelmed by a weekly commitment - what if i fall behind?

I understand life has a way of happening to us, sometimes there is no way around it, and other times it takes us being the master of our time, space and family to ask for what we need and carve out the time to establish new habits and ways of being.

You will have access to all the modules if you miss a week, each week brings you deeper into your body, and you can only do your best!

Holiday times and Integration breaks have been planned within the Global Mentorship.

Creating new ways of being, pathways in the brain and body is like working out a new muscle. Awakening sexuality requires commitment and practice to establish new pathways of pleasure and aliveness. In this process, you choose how much energy and time you can commit. You can do the modules and practices once a week or daily.

How do I become fully certified as a Temple Body Arts Guide?
In order to become fully certified as a TBA Guide you must complete all three trimesters online, fully participate in the Temple Body Arts Level 1 Training in Costa Rica, and send a short video of you leading a class or workshop.
What if I am a total beginner with no experience?
You can still attend the full Global Mentorship. All that’s required is your curiosity, openness to trying new practices and commitment to awakening to your feminine power. A requirement for the live training is 3 years of a regular movement arts practice which can include yoga, dance, etc., but anyone can attend the Global Mentorship.
Do I need strong internet or computer skills to do the Global Mentorship?
As long as you can download the material and dial into the calls (you can dial in or access through the internet), you will be able to receive the benefits of this journey.
I have had an injury in my body? What physical abilities do I need to have in order to partake in this mentorship?

You can always modify the guided movement in the embodiment videos to meet your ability level.  Temple Body Arts is about meeting yourself where you are and listening to the innate wisdom of your body!

Wherever you are in relationship to your body I can meet you!

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